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D2P Patent 7,184,723 Analysis

Multiple analyses of the first published D2P patent ( D2P Patent 7,184,723) finds that neither novelty nor feasibility was demonstrated.

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Jeff Parker on D2D and D2P in 2005

Failure to clearly communicate the benefits of D2D and D2P


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Direct2Power (D2P) Analysis

The latest version of the ParkerVision story is D2P (Direct2Power). It claims to be an RF power amplifer/transmitter technology that is significantly more power efficient than existing PAs. D2P was announced on January 20, 2005 (Breakthrough at ParkerVision Enables Common Silicon Semiconductors to Create Ultra-Efficient RF Power Amplifiers).

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Direct2Digital (D2D) Analysis

ParkerVision believes that its ESP technology represents a completely new electronic circuit architecture that has the capability of replacing RF Heterodyne architectures, which allow “for a single-step direct conversion of an incoming RF carrier signal directly to its baseband data, eliminating the need for the RF heterodyne architecture” in RF receiver and transmitter design.

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TechnologyParkerVision is engaged in the development of Direct2Data (D2D) and Direct2Power (D2P) technology, based on a platform called Energy Signal Processing (ESP).

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