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Based on quotations from the last five years of press releases and earning calls, it is our understanding that Jeff Parker and David Sorrells have had a lot of “dialogue”, “conversations”, “discussions”, and “demos” with “potential” customers about D2D and D2P technology. Expectations have always been high for the “revolutionary” D2D (or ESP platform) products to generate volume sales, but somehow, for one reason or another, actual sales never seem to materialize. We present here some excerpts for the readers’ amusement.


November 11, 1999, Q3 1999 earnings press release [Jeff Parker]:

  • We are convinced that the technology of our wireless business is unique and has the potential of radically changing the wireless radio marketplace.
  • We are confident this technology has the potential of delivering high performance low cost chip based radio transmitters and receivers and that the marketplace for wireless technologies and products will continue to grow rapidly.
  • In moving our technology into the product application stages, we view D2D as a powerful and revolutionary platform that can span across vertical market applications.
  • At the same time, we are proceeding with discussions with other companies about additional product opportunities.

April 7, 2000, FY 1999 earnings press release [Jeff Parker]:

  • We are extremely pleased with the progress we are making in the development of our proprietary D2D wireless technology, which we expect will significantly impact this high-growth market in terms of both performance and cost.
  • Our progress towards commercialization has been marked over the past year with the attraction to ParkerVision of top notch wireless radio talent to head up this segment of the Company; the establishment of our Silicon Valley facility, and entering into business discussions with a number of substantial parties in wireless technology who have expressed strong interest in our technology.
  • One such discussion with Symbol Technologies already has produced a licensing agreement. We are quite optimistic that agreements and business relationships with other important companies relating to wireless radio will be reached in 2000 as we move from the development to the commercialization stage of the technology.

November 6, 2000, Q3 2000 earnings press release [Jeff Parker]:

  • We are making good progress towards bringing our first commercially available D2D(TM) based radio chip to market for use in the 802.11b wireless LAN application
  • Our WLAN chip is currently going through semiconductor fabrication.
  • We expect that there will be significant gains in wireless LAN industry shipments next year as the 802.11b standard expands into more mainstream use, such as enterprise-wide PC applications.
  • Wireless LAN is a very good first application for our chips, which we expect to start shipping to customers in 2001

November 14, 2001, Q3 2001 earnings press release [David Sorrells]:

  • The customers we are in dialogue with are looking for RF solutions that meet their next generation product goals without imposing compromises. 
  • We are confident our unique approach will succeed where other direct conversion technologies have fallen short.
  • We have made excellent progress on CDMA development. During the third quarter, we completed a more advanced CDMA prototype and we are now in the testing phase with potential customers to determine the final specifications of our CDMA2000 1x / AMPS direct conversion solution.

March 22, 2002, FY 2001  earnings press release [David Sorrells]:

  • Assuming our current product development pace, we will deliver samples for evaluation to prospective customers this summer
  • From the results of the circuits we have now built and tested in the TI process, we are very confident that we will achieve our product goals, which we believe will set D2D apart from competitive offerings. Due to the unique RF energy sampling methods that we have perfected, we are confident that our WLAN IC will meet or exceed the performance of the most expensive high performance Super Heterodyne transceivers, which are currently deployed in today’s better WLAN products; however, our PV-1000 will provide high performance benefits in a significantly lower cost, power efficient direct conversion architecture.

May 2, 2002, Q1 2002 earnings press release [David Sorrels]:

  • We are confident that not only will our reference designs using the PV-1000 be Wi-Fi compliant, but they will meet or exceed the specifications of today’s best performing Super Heterodyne based designs. The PV-1000 will deliver a high performance, highly integrated, cost effective IC transceiver solution based on our direct conversion technology.
  • We expect to be providing PV-1000 evaluation chips this summer to prospective customers. We will offer both a PV-1000 RF transceiver evaluation kit as well as several reference designs of fully functional 802.11b network cards in PCMCIA and Flash card form factors based on the PV-1000.

August 8, 2002, Q2 2002 earnings press release [David Sorrells]:

  • With the introduction of our D2D-based RF transceiver platform for CDMA, we expect to expand into the CDMA mobile phone application market in 2003
  • We believe our PV-1000 products are well timed for the largest segment of the worldwide WLAN marketplace, the 802.11b standard. Now that the Direct2Data Technologies design team has reduced to a science our D2D chip transceiver development, while technologically achieving the figures of merit that we had anticipated, we are also fully confident in our ability to create timely and compelling follow-on 802.11 WLAN products.

August 15, 2003, Q2 2003 earnings press release [Jeff Parker]:

  • We are confident about the long term growth potential of ParkerVision’s wireless technology and the initiatives now underway to bring our wireless end-user products to market. Specifically, we expect to launch our end-user wireless LAN products targeted at the SoHo (small office, home office) markets before the end of the current quarter.
  • At the same time we are moving forward in discussions with companies in the embedded market that are seeking to integrate high performance WLAN products. We believe our SoHo offerings will be very complimentary to our goals of generating business with OEMs.

August 9, 2004, Q2 2004 earnings call [Jeff Parker]:

  • There are some additional channels for the cordless phone products we’re already in dialogue with, however, who kind of specialize in that channel that I think we’ll also sign up, but the retailers, not all of them but almost all of them, would be very interested and would love to sell the cordless phone.
  • We are also in dialogue with several different distribution companies who provide delivery and logistics services to retailers and others and I believe we will easily have two, possibly even three or four, of these relationships signed up and actively promoting our products the balance of this year.
  • Since I am personally and intimately involved in these discussions right now, I will also share with you that many of these companies have moved beyond the phase of testing our products and we’re into the details of contracts and initial stocking orders and marketing programs.

November 9, 2004, Q3 2004 earnings press release [Jeff Parker]:

  • We would expect a commercial rollout of our first telephone products to begin in the first quarter of 2005.
  • Discussions, demos, and product evaluations with other specialty retailers about our high performance wireless networking products continued in the third quarter, and are still underway.
  • We also remain on schedule to begin the initial production of our cordless phone product using our D2D™ technology in the fourth quarter, and we are in various stages of discussions with retailers, distributors, and other Value Added Resellers (VAR’s) regarding the distribution of these high-performance 2-mile range cordless phones.

May 17, 2005, Q1 2005 earnings call [Jeff Parker]:

  • Our next milestones for these products is to sample to the OEMs chips, who we are in dialogue with in the third quarter of this year.
  • Our dialogues with OEMs has also opened up additional doors and opportunity for ParkerVision to pursue the incorporation of our 802.11g [D2D] products that we have been developing with certain OEMs and that is also true of our cordless phone products.
  • We’ve engaged both large and small OEMs and meaningful dialogue to provide initial demonstrations of our Direct 2 RF power technology in the first half of this year and we are doing just that. Our goal is to get OEMs to incorporate our chips as quickly as possible in a number of products in a multitude of standards.

Aug 8, 2005, Q2 2005 earnings call [Jeff Parker]:

  • As I stated previously, one of my own personal goals is to close our first design win this year. Based on our latest progress, I continue to be very optimistic about achieving this goal.
  • Therefore, it is from these conversations that I believe will come our most likely first design wins. Because of the nature of how our dialogues have advanced beyond the conceptual into that of specific product applications and business discussions, this has also influenced our D2P chip development program.
  • And then we're, moving into the dialogue about, hey, I want to use it here, I want to use it there or multiple places.

Nov 7, 2005, Q3 2005 earnings call [Jeff Parker]:

  • As I stated in my last conference call, my own personal goal has been to close our first OEM agreement by the end of this year.
  • We’ve had a number of initial meetings this quarter with prospective OEM partners as well as numerous follow on meetings to continue discussions with others.
  • We continue to have ongoing dialogues with literally every OEM with whom we have met. With several OEMs, our discussions have progressed beyond our technology and its capabilities and to how best to frame an initial business relationship.
  • Okay. Sure. We have been in dialogue with — of the top 10 handset OEMs, we’re in dialogue with half of those — maybe — with some of the more recent additional conversations even a little bit more than that.

August 8, 2006, Q2 2006 earnings call [Jeff Parker]:

  • The challenge in preparing remarks for today’s call has been to strike the balance between what I would love to share with each and every one of you regarding the progress we have made with OEM’s since our last call, against what’s appropriate that we can’t share, given that our dialogues are confidential with OEMs and or as yet still a working process. For starters, I want you to understand that every Tier 1, OEM dialogue that we have been engaged in, is still a working process meaning that nobody has told us that they are not interested in pursuing a meaningful discussion on how their company might adopt our D2D technology.
  • Our discussions since our last update have progressed significantly with some of these OEMs and that’s a level of confidential information that has been exchanged has grown.
  • However, we are making measurable progress towards our goal of securing business relationships with Tier 1 OEMs.
  • This enables both parties to get into much deeper levels of meaningful dialogue and also demonstrate that some OEMs have become comfortable enough with us and the potential of our technology to take this step forward.

November 2, 2006, Q3 2006 earnings call [Jeff Parker]:

  • Believe me, nothing would make me happier than to be able to provide all of our supporters the details of where we are at in our OEM relationship. In the absence of specifics, I think it maybe helpful to review with you the progression we’ve gone through over the last year or so with our target customers and where that brought us to.
  • In our opinion, the announcement of our first deal is simply a when, not an if, question. We are extremely confident because the more time we spend in this industry talking with the executives of companies that are clearly the market leaders, the more we come to understand how our technology provides them with a compelling solution to problems they are facing today, and even more importantly, problems they see looming in the not too distant future.
  • We did want to convey the message, and while we are working feverishly towards this goal by the end of the year, whether an announcement is made this month, next month, or even the following months, this shouldn't be a factor engaging the significance of this important milestone or the shareholder value that can be built from the technology we’ve developed.

March 8, 2007, Q4 2006 earnings call [Jeff Parker]:

  • We continue to have a flurry of activity ongoing with numerous target customers and although I can’t go into the specifics of those activities, I can say that we remain highly confident that our first design wins will become a reality in the near-term.
  • One important factor to recognize is that for the companies adopting our technology, there is still development work to be done post-adoption in order to implement the technology into their platform of choice.
  • As you might imagine, putting one of these documents together involves not only the business people, but also the technical engineering staff for both parties. The good news is that these arrangements will bring in additional revenues for the company in the form of engineering design services fees, which should help offset some of our engineering development costs.

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