ParkerVision 2000 10-K, filed on April 2, 2001


The performance of the Company's D2D(TM) technology was independently confirmed by Questar InfoComm, Inc. ("Questar"), a subsidiary of Questar Corporation, which signed a letter of intent to jointly develop products utilizing the Company's D2D(TM) technology in 1998. Questar also purchased $5 million in ParkerVision common stock in a private placement transaction in December 1998. The Company is not currently in active dialog or development activities with Questar on the development of products.


In March 2000, the Company acquired substantially all of the assets of Signal Technologies, Inc., a privately owned, Orlando, Florida based RF design firm which had previously provided application engineering and design services to the Company for the D2D(TM) technology. The assets of STI were acquired for approximately $2 million in convertible preferred stock. In addition, the Company employed all of the former STI employees and entered into employment agreements with several key employees.


Early in 2001, the Company entered into an agreement with PrairieComm, Inc. ("PrairieComm"), a cellular chipset and embedded software developer, to jointly develop new chipsets using D2D(TM)-based RF transceivers and PrairieComm baseband processors for wireless devices, including cellular telephones. The Company also entered into an agreement with Texas Instruments Incorporated ("TI") for the development of interfaces between the Company's transceiver IC's and TI's baseband processors in the areas of wireless networking and cellular applications. In addition, TI has agreed to manufacture D2D(TM)-based IC's for the Company using various TI semiconductor processes. TI also purchased $2.5 million in the Company's equity securities in a private placement transaction.