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Intellectual PropertyParkerVision claims to have developed and patented two technologies: D2D and D2P. D2D (Direct2Data) is a varient approach to direct conversion radio receivers. D2D was first announced in 1997, and has no current licensees. All previous licensing deals have fallen apart (D2D Deal History) and at this point in time, our sources tell us that ParkerVision is not currently actively trying to license D2D - due to a total lack of interest by customers. Nearly all of the issued ParkerVision patents are D2D related. Although we think that D2D "works" in the sense that a receiver built with ideas in the ParkerVision D2D patents will function, we (and our RF consultants, and the chip vendors who have looked at the D2D technology) don't think it has any advantages over existing direct conversion RF receivers - and has some significant implemention difficulties - as evidenced by the fact that it took Parkervision 5 to 6 years to build its first demonstrable D2D chip. For these reasons, and because ParkerVision has published no new information, we have not updated our 2005 Analysis of D2D.


The current technology that ParkerVision is attempting to license (and on which the current market cap is based) is D2P. D2P (Direct2Power) claims to be a new method of rf power amplification resulting in substantially higher power efficiency. There is only one issued D2P patent (D2P Patent 7,184,723). There are a number of published provisional (non-granted) D2P patent applications (List of D2P Applications). We will analyze here both the issued patent and the provisional applications. Since there are no published papers on D2P, the patents and applications are the only source of information (other than discussions with OEMs who have seen ParkerVision presentations) on D2P. To continue to the D2P analysis please go to Analysis of D2P


2005 Intellectual Property Analysis


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