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Please add RSS feeds

Could you please add RSS feeds, or at least one feed that corresponds to http://www.pvnotes.com/tracker. Otherwise, there's no way to keep up on what is changing on the site.

Also, I think this forum should allow posters to create new topics, rather than posting like this as comments on other topics.

RSS feeds

I'll talk to our webmaster.


Repeated short recalls

I am very intrigued by your note ( http://pvnotes.com/tracker/ParkerVision+Repeated+Short+Recalls ) about repeated short recalls. As to who might be in a position to do such a thing and get away with it, I think we must suspect the relatively obscure offshore bank holding a large block of PRKR. They would have both the motive and the opportunity to lend stock out and then suddenly recall it. They and others in league with them could profit from trading in options over the course of their manipulation.

I will check with my prime broker regarding the issue, at least as it affects my borrow.

Perhaps a call to the SEC is in order if manipulation is really happening. Do you have any background evidence we could submit to the SEC?



Repeated short recalls

I'll try to pull something together over the next few days.