More posts that PRKR wants removed (2009.04.04)

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Jeff Parker has repeatedly attacked my credibility both in public and private. He has, in public, called me a liar. He has gone to great effort to "prove" me wrong on some topic (recently ITT), so that he can claim that all of my statements are not believable.


I have only met him personally once, at an AeA conference. He gave an incredibly misleading presentation, and made statements that were clearly technologically wrong. This really offended me, and I asked a single, simple question about one of the incorrect claims - Jeff claimed a 3x increase in battery life for d2p vs "normal" PAs. I point out that this was simply impossible, since even if the PA became 100% efficient, the battery life would go up by at most 30-80% in the best case, and the average case was more like 10-30% improvement. He then gave some completely wrong calculations, told me I was wrong, beamed at the audience (of fund managers - not a single person with a technical background, other than me), and on sheer hutspah acted like he had proven his point.


Before this, I thought maybe he was being fooled by some of his technical guys and was just being "optimistic". At that point, I realized he was a complete con man and fraud.



Since then, Jeff has had a very ugly record of trying to "prove" us (I include some of the power amplifier consultants I hired to evaluate d2p in the "us") wrong. In response to the the d2p reports which blasted PRKR's claims, he first published "white papers" on the parkervision website. When it was pointed out that these "white papers" had no technical content, ParkerVision managed to get a paper accepted at a RF technical conference. Unfortunately, the paper and the presentation did not explain d2p, and everyone I talk to, including attendees at the conference agree is compete nonsense.


I could go on and on. Breathless announcements that never lead to revenues. Constant "validation" of the technology. Repeat forever until the public market gets wise and cuts him off.


If you thing TIG is anything other a mildly deranged, pseudo-technical poster of complete gibberish, then you clearly have *no* technical competency at all. TIG is looney (and not very bright) - there is no point in responding to him, as there is nothing that makes any sense to respond to. RounderMatt is a professional "friend-of-Jeff-Parker" with even less technical competence and far less honesty. I can't believe that you or anyone else really takes them seriously.


Your (giantstepformankind) own posting history is quite interesting. All of your posts are about ParkerVision, and you started by at least Oct 2000. *Every* post you have every made has been either glorifying PRKR and Jeff Parker, *or* (viciously) attacking anyone who might say anything less than positive about Jeff. One might ask what is your relationship with Jeff?


I have *no* investments that would threatened, even mildly, by the "success" of d2p or d2d. As I have said, over and over, d2p doesn't actually work (i.e. it is not power-efficient), and d2d is simply an alternative approach to direct conversion receivers, and which offers *no* advantages.



I am a great admirer of David Einhorn, especially his exposure of fraud at Allied Capital. He has taken enormous vituperation from supporters and employees of ALD, but has persisted and (in nearly everyone's opinion) has been proven complete right. PRKR is a much smaller (and simpler) fraud than ALD. Yes, I have made some money from knowing that PRKR is fraud, but I am also going to be quite stubborn about continuing to expose Jeff Parker and his con game. I am quite confident that I will be (like Einhorn) vindicated in the end.


One other point. Jeff Parker and his cronies might believe that the NDA (Nondisclosure Agreements) he has in place will make it difficult or impossible for "those in the know" to testify against him (and for me and my counterclaims).


This is simply not the case. It is well established law that NDAs can not be used to cover up or hide fraud, and any court would nullify any such provisions.


Not in my case. Truth is an absolute defense in libel and in the other complaints suggested. Since I know - without any doubt - that what I said was true, and that I can prove it in court - I have no concerns.

What is far more important is that Jeff Parker knows that what I said and posted is true. If he was foolish enough to sue me, I would be forced to prove the truth of my statements in court (as well as counter sue for securities fraud, etc.) At this point, having had his evasions, lies, fraud, etc proved in public (i.e. a courtroom) , it would be extremely difficult for him to pull off the same crap he has been pushing for the last ten or more years.


Furthermore, this would open the floodgates of class action securities lawyers suing ParkerVision, Jeff Parker and the board. They would start an action with their contentions already having been proven in another court!

Jeff must avoid this at any cost.