Names of Parker "Supporters"

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I'll give a nice prize to the person who can match the most names from
List A to List B. There will be a bonus prize for a best list of names
from the List B who have been accused and/or convicted of securities fraud.

Contest ends in one month

Note: Anyone who can't get at least three matches isn't eligible for a
prize - there are two gimme's in the contest.

List A:

1. trublvrprkr
2. roundermatt
3. toad680
4. dick.keefe
5. urspond
6. gordon_atheling
7. hnuir
8. awmboat
9. binary1110011
10. crj_
11. hansgrettelblix
12. abadocaboo

List B:

a. Jim Whitten
b. Michael Donahue
c. Wilson Jaeggli
d. Jack Silver
e. Greg Lewin
f. Philip Anderson
g. Jeff Parker
h. David Sorrells
i. Jeff Leach
j. Terren Peizer
k. Daniel Lewis
l. John Stanley
m. David Cumming
n. Mike Boyland
o. George Healy
p. Bob Berlacher
q. Joe Graves
r. Dick Keefe
s. Fred Knoll
t. Jamie Rome
u. Phyllis Kalista
v. Cliff Kalista
w. John Stuckey
x. Barry Kitt
y. Joseph Graves

z. Richard Harlan