Jeff Parker's recent material false statements

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Claim: Jeff claims $0.50-$1.00 per phone royalty from Via-Telecom
The actual Via royalty number if well under $0.10 - if Via actually uses PRKR technology - Via has no commitment to do anything other than to evaluate the PRKR D2P chips when they are delivered.


Claim: Secret OEM was a Tier-1 cellular OEM & will allow PRKR to get to "double-digit" market share of power-amps in cell phones.
Via-Telecom is a fairly small player, with less than 1% market share. By no stretch a tier-1 OEM, Via would have to grow by more than 10x to get to "double-digit" market share.


Claim: The "secret" OEM will generate a profit of $2-3 per share for ParkerVision
Via has ships about 10M phone chipsets per year. Using a royalty of $0.10 per phone, this is (at most) $1M per year - and assumes that PRKR gets all of Via's business - a far cry from the roughly $100M per year it would take to generate a profit of $2-3 per share.


Claim: ITT relationship is great and will result in $25M in royalties
Jeff knew (as early as fall 2007) that there is essentially no chance of getting any royalties from ITT. The ITT project to use ParkerVision is essentially dead. The ITT/ParkerVision relationship is not what is being claimed.


Claim: Jeff said (Nov 2007) that ParkerVision would publish detailed explanations of how D2P works, in conferences and white papers.
Absolutely nothing of substance has been published. The paper in the MTT conference in Amsterdam, like the white papers published in spring 2008, have no substantial technical content. If this paper is an accurate description of D2P, then the technology doesn't result in any of the advantages claimed by Jeff Parker - it is not high efficiency, not multi-band, not low-cost, etc.


Claim: No Cellular OEM has ever turned us down.
I know of at least 8 major cellular chip OEMs who have evaluated PRKR technology and definitively told Jeff Parker they were not interested.


These are only a few and most recent of the totally false, and highly material claims that Jeff has *recently* made.